About Texas PTA

Welcome Letter from Kyle Ward

We are "Texas proud" when it comes to supporting public education. No doubt Texans take great pride in ensuring our students are supported through their educational journey from early childhood to college. With our rich heritage and century of putting children first, policymakers, corporations, foundations and individuals who want to make a difference support our cause. So often we hear that PTA is all about parents and teachers. And they are important. But we are about children, because it really does take a PTA to raise a child.

The PTA brand speaks for itself. Corporations like to partner with Texas PTA because we stand for what is good for Texas, and that is giving every child the best possible chance to succeed. Policymakers join our efforts to pass laws which ensure our children grow up healthy, have stellar learning opportunities through public schools and graduate from high school or college to become productive citizens working to make Texas an even better place.

PTA needs your help. While our success the past 100 years speaks for itself, the world only becomes more complex each passing year, and we will face new, different and exciting challenges on the journey ahead. By joining our efforts, you will ensure every child will experience a Texas that will not only better educate him, but will prepare him for the social, economic and personal challenges that will make him a better person, and will mold him into a future Texan like no other.

Making every child's potential a reality is our vision. So please join our efforts today, because Texas pride means all of us are working together for all children.

Kyle Ward, CAE
Executive Director
Texas PTA