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Rally Day

Rally Under the Dome February 27, 2017!


A major difference between PTA and other parent groups is our dedication to advocacy. Public education is our one guarantee for a brighter and better Texas.

Each legislative session we hear about the need to improve public education, and history shows that following the conclusion of every legislative session, we all express our dissatisfaction with the results and wishing we had done more. By attending Rally Day, we are letting our PTA voices be heard and taking action while decisions are being made rather than after nothing can be done.

Attending Rally Day is an investment of your time and financial resources that, frankly, Texas students cannot afford for us to not invest. See you on the South Steps!

How To Prepare:

Join Texas PTA President-Elect Sheri Doss and Ellen Arnold for 90 minute webinars in the fall and early winter. To register, click the date and time of the webinar you wish to attend below.

Webinar 1

Planning for Rally Day
What is it and how do I plan for it? Get details about this biannual event and how to plan for your PTA’s participation with maximum success.

You can view a recording of this webinar below:

Webinar 2

The Policy Issues
Become informed about Texas PTA’s legislative priorities and get tips for the day.

Webinar 3

Meeting with Legislators
Legislators are accountable to community members, and that includes Texas PTA members. Learn how to identify your legislators, make an appointment and prepare for a successful meeting. What you say and how you say it can make a huge difference for Texas students.

Find more information about Rally Day, including a tentative schedule, on this flyer!

Past-Texas PTA President Leslie Boggs welcoming members to Rally Day in 2015.
Representative Brooks Landgraf, District 81, spending time with our student group at the Texas State Capitol during Rally Day 2015.


Thanks to our partners for backing the future with us!

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