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It would be easy to rest on the accomplishments of our first 106 years of service to Texas families, but now is the time for us to rededicate and reinvest in our commitment for the future generations of young Texans. Texas PTA has lead the way with the construction of your new headquarters at 408 West 11th Street in downtown Austin. After nearly 75 years at 408, we have returned home to begin a new century of family engagement, parent education and advocacy.

You also have the unique opportunity to help ensure our continued success through the 408 x 408 campaign.  Your support of this campaign is more than a donation, it’s an outward and visible statement that you believe in the power of family and that the work of PTA in our communities is valuable and meaningful.

From Beaumont to El Paso, Brownsville to Amarillo and everywhere in between – the 408 x 408 campaign gives every parent, teacher, administrator, community member, business owner and PTA/PTSA the chance to back the future for tomorrow and beyond.

For a tax-deductible contribution of $408, the first 408 donors will be recognized and honored in a permanent display located in our headquarters.  Each visitor or dignitary who walks through the doors of Texas PTA will know that you, your business or PTA/PTSA is a passionate advocate and steadfast voice for every child.  408 x 408 donors will also be publicly recognized in our annual report, local print media and on the Texas PTA website.

Supporting the mission and programs of PTA should never be a burden, so we’ve provided the options of one ($408), four ($102) or twelve ($34) installments to allow for easier participation.

Be one of the first 408 to help Texas PTA back the future for years to come by making your pledge today!


Contributions to other ways Texas PTA is making a difference in the lives of Texas children.

Scholarship Donation
Each spring, Texas PTA awards scholarships to graduating seniors and faculty members who are members of PTA. Since 1964, Texas PTA has awarded more than $340,000 in scholarship funds. Donate to our Scholarship Fund to support high school senior’s college education and teacher’s continuing education and certifications.
Memorial Donations
You may make a donation to Texas PTA in memory of a loved one who has passed away. A friend or the family of the deceased will receive a note from us acknowledging your donation on their loved one’s behalf. Please be prepared to provide the name and address of the person you would like us to notify of your donation.
Honorary Donation
You may make a donation to Texas PTA in honor of another person. Please be prepared to provide the name and address of the person you would like us to notify of your donation.
Disaster Relief Fund
This fund is used to provide emergency assistance grants for victims of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, catastrophic illness and accidents. Financial aid is provided only to the truly needy and is consistent with the need. Aid is continued only as long as the need exists. Contributions may not be earmarked for a specific recipient.
Emergency Relief Fund
All PTA members and their immediate families are eligible to apply for a grant. “Immediate families” include the applicant’s spouse, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, father or mother, all living in one household. Submitting an application does not require a vote by the Local PTA board of directors or body, but does require the signature of the Local PTA president.

Grant awards are based upon expenses incurred and on a combination of factors such as hospital bills and medicines, insurance availability, number of dependents and family income. In order for a family to be considered financially needy, their income level must fall within federal guidelines for total family income, which includes financial assistance such as AFDC, unemployment compensation, workers compensation or general assistance.

Donations and requests to Texas PTA are tax deductible. Contact for more information.


Thanks to our partners for backing the future with us!

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