Graduation Requirements

Rigorous graduation requirements are critically important to improve student preparation for college and career. Multiple pathways to graduation must be offered in order to meet the needs and goals of all students.

  • Maintain Recommended Diploma as a math/science option and allow for two other pathways to graduation for Career & Technical Education and Arts and Humanities. Allow three pathways for the Distinguished Achievement Diploma.
  • Career and technical education courses must be rigorous and relevant, designed to lead to industrycertification and/or licensure.
  • Humanities and fine arts courses should require studentsto participate in fine arts competitions and performances.
  • Allow more applications-based math, science and English courses to substitute for required courses.
  • Expand opportunities to allow CTE courses to countfor upper academic courses.
  • Provide opportunities and funding for students to enroll in CTE courses earlier than 11th grade.


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