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Our environment directly affects the children and youth of Texas. Clean air, clean water and clean soil are key to children’s health. Exposure to harmful emissions can disrupt lung development in children, cause irreversible damage and lead to respiratory diseases.  Asthma, a disease often triggered by inhaling certain pollutants, is a main contributor to absenteeism in Texas schools and a leading cause of childhood hospitalization.

Texas Clean School Bus Program

Texas PTA has partnered for several years with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and with the Railroad Commission, the state’s chief energy agency, to improve air quality for Texas youth by directing state and federal funds to school districts to retrofit older diesel school bus engines and to help districts purchase alternative fuel buses.

Texas PTA has also encouraged school districts to adopt no-idling policies around schools and at school events.  Does your school district have a no-idling policy?

Visit our Environmental page for more information on Texas PTA Environmental programs.

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