Student Assessment

State standardized assessment is a critical component of instruction, but should not be the only measure of student success. A comprehensive system of assessment must acknowledge growth in achievement of at-risk students.

The over-emphasis on high stakes testing has created an environment that focuses on test preparation and mastery of testing techniques. Limits must be placed on the number of preparation tests that are administered, and test administration processes developed that do not adversely impact students not engaged in assessment. 

Texas PTA supports these changes to the high school testing program: 

• Reducing the number of high school end-of-course assessments from fifteen to five

• Eliminating the requirement that the end-of-course assessments determine fifteen percent of a student's course grade

• Eliminating the cumulative score requirement

• Allowing satisfactory performance on Advanced Placement exams, SAT exams and the ACT to satisfy assessment requirements

In the days and months to come it is critical that the Texas Legislature address state mandated assessment in the lower grades as well.

High Stakes Testing


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