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Contributions to Texas PTA can and will make a difference in the lives of Texas children. Contributions and bequests to the Texas PTA are tax deductible.

The Texas PTA was the first state PTA to own its own headquarters building. It was originally built in 1937. It was built as a home versus an office building because it was the "home" of all the Texas PTA members. As the membership of Texas PTA continued growing over the years, so did the PTA home. In 1950, the first addition was added to the building, which doubled the size of the home. A second addition was added to the building in 1957. This addition again doubled the size by adding a second floor.

In 1986, the building needed major repairs, and the Building and Maintenance Fund was established. Individual members, units, councils and areas may donate to the fund. The purpose of this fund is to replace reserves that were used to start the needed major repairs and to establish an ongoing fund to maintain the home of Texas PTA.

Any additional revenue will be designated to the Building Fund which was the source of money for the recently completed ADA ramp, the new front door, rewiring of the building and bringing the elevator up to code.

Scholarship Program

Funded by donations to the Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers Endowment Fund, the Texas PTA scholarship program for Texas teachers and administrators is tangible evidence of its desire to improve the quality of education for Texas students.

Since 1964, Texas PTA has awarded more than $340,000 to recipients in the State of Texas. This financial aid has allowed recipients to enhance their professional skills through graduate work that otherwise may not have been financially possible.

The guidelines and application information can be found in the Texas PTA Special Recognition/Honors and Awards Packet that is mailed in the Fall.

Disaster Relief Fund

To view the form, visit our Member Forms page.

In its desire to help Local PTAs and Council PTAs provide assistance to persons who have suffered economic hardship due to illness, accidents or natural disaster, Texas PTA established the Texas PTA Disaster Relief Fund in 1995. This fund is used to provide emergency assistance grants for victims of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, catastrophic illness and accidents. Financial aid is provided only to the truly needy and is consistent with the need. Aid is continued only as long as the need exists.

Funding comes from tax-deductible donations from individuals and PTAs. Contributions should be sent to Texas PTA, 408 W. 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701-2113, Attn: Disaster Relief Fund. Contributions may not be earmarked for a specific recipient.

Emergency Relief Fund

To view the form, visit our Member Forms page.

All PTA members and their immediate families are eligible to apply for a grant. "Immediate families" include the applicant's spouse, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, father or mother, all living in one household. Submitting an application does not require a vote by the Local PTA board of directors or body, but does require the signature of the Local PTA president.

Grant awards are based upon expenses incurred and on a combination of factors such as hospital bills and medicines, insurance availability, number of dependents and family income. In order for a family to be considered financially needy, their income level must fall within federal guidelines for total family income, which includes financial assistance such as AFDC, unemployment compensation, workers compensation or general assistance. For more information, contact the Texas PTA Office at 1-800-TALK-PTA or 512-476-6769.