PTA Leader

Attention!  If you are interested in a leadership position with Texas PTA, download our brochure or complete our online interest form!

  • March 15 Postmark Spring dues deadline for reporting members to Texas PTA
  • May 1 Report newly elected officers to Texas PTA via the Local Officer Information Form
  • September 30 Postmark Early bird dues deadline for reporting members to Texas PTA
  • October 15 Postmark Report at least 20 members to Texas PTA to retain “active PTA” status
  • Annually File 990 with IRS
  • Annually Membership adopts budget
  • Local PTA members are also members of the state and national association and should be reported to Texas PTA within five days of joining
  • Total dues amount is the sum of the following:
    • Local PTA dues = Amount per member determined by membership
    • Texas PTA dues = $2.25 per member
    • National PTA dues = $2.25 per member
  • Texas and National PTA portion of dues ($4.50 per member) are remitted to Texas PTA with the membership roster
  • Texas PTA provides membership cards to Local PTAs based on membership totals
  • Cards should be distributed to members immediately upon joining
  • Membership expiration date is October 14
  • Member benefits are posted on Texas PTA’s member benefits page
  • Texas PTA 1-800-TALKPTA
  • Texas PTA website
  • National PTA website
  • Membership card User name and password required to access the member section of the website is printed on the back
  • Resource guides and literature are availabel for purchase or free download (
  • Chair Resource Guides For purchase or free download (
  • The Official PTA Kit: PTA’s Back To School Kit (shipped weekly June-October by National PTA –Registration for the kit is required through National PTA)
  • Your PTA’s bylaws PTA officers may request a copy from Texas PTA
  • Monthly electronic communications - Sign up at the appropriate website from Texas and National PTAs
  • Mary Jo Burgess, Director of Member Services
  • Daniel Philhower, Director of Finance
  • Darren Grissom, Director of Resource Development
  • July –Summer Leadership Seminar (See Events at
  • Leader Orientation Training – available through your Council or Area PTA
  • Officer and Chairman Training – available through your Council or Area PTA

 Other Resources

For more information, contact Mary Jo Burgess, Texas PTA Director of Member Services at or 800-TALK-PTA.