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Local and Council PTA Awards

PTAs are important cornerstones in our communities and provide amazing programs and opportunities for the students and families they serve. There are multiple ways we recognize PTAs for these efforts throughout the year.

Membership Awards

Many membership awards are automatically calculated based on the Local PTA’s membership totals at each deadline.

Membership Award Opportunities

Has your PTA qualified for a Special Category Award? If so, click the link below to notify Texas PTA.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Texas Award Recipients!

Communication Awards

Texas PTA is proud to recognize the achievements of our Local and Council PTAs for outstanding service to their schools and communities in the areas of communications via your newsletter or website.

Check back later for more information on this award.

Talk of Texas: Outstanding PTA

Texas PTA wants to celebrate the wonderful things your PTA is doing! These Awards are open ended meaning there is no specific criteria you must meet.  Simply describe how your PTA “backs the future” through activities in one or more of these categories: Advocacy, Arts in Education, Environmental Awareness, Family Engagement, Healthy Lifestyles.

There will be one Local Outstanding PTA and one Council Outstanding PTA in each category.


Apply today to recognize the outstanding work of your PTA!

The online form will ask for your contact information, a full description of your program, who and how many were affected, community and school partners (if applicable), what you learned from the program and what you would do differently next time (if anything).

All submissions must be received by May 27, 2016.


Outstanding PTA: Advocacy

Is your PTA a leader in advocacy efforts? Did you achieve a goal to register young voters or host a candidates’ forum? Whether you worked tirelessly to engage your families in the local school board or city government issues or tackled a national agenda, we want to hear about your program.

Outstanding PTA: Arts In Education

Have you successfully encouraged participation and exposure to the Arts on your campus, beyond the Reflections program? Perhaps you hosted a family art night or sponsored a dance troupe to perform for the students. Maybe you promoted a community event that included multi-cultural arts experiences.  We look forward to recognizing our PTAs for their outstanding efforts in promoting the Arts to students, parents, teacher and their community.

Outstanding PTA: Environmental Awareness

Do you consider your school and PTA to be “green”. Have you actively promoted environmentally friendly projects, events or fundraisers? Have you involved students, families, staff and community to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Let us recognize your efforts and share your story!

Outstanding PTA: Family Engagement

Did your PTA host an outstanding family engagement event or conduct a year-long program? Perhaps you hosted a series of workshops or brought your community, families and staff into closer partnership. Did you find a way to engage new volunteers or create a welcoming environment for all? You may be the Outstanding PTA: Family Engagement!

Outstanding PTA: Healthy Lifestyles

Being healthy is more than physical activity and healthy eating!  It is truly embracing a healthy lifestyle!  Has your PTA helped your families and staff to be more aware of healthy choices?  Have you embraced healthy fundraisers, hosted a family health event, or become involved in other health initiatives at your school? Share your efforts with us – you could be the Outstanding PTA: Healthy Lifestyles!

Thanks to our partners for backing the future with us!

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