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Parent Education

Job Description

Parent Education Chair – Organize and present programs whose goal is to empower parents with knowledge.

Programs Chair – Organize and present programs which focus on interaction between parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community members to inspire and support a sense of school community. These jobs may be done by two separate chairs or they may be combined.

Duties at a Glance

  • Maintain a procedure book (traditional or electronic)
  • Complete a Plan of Work and submit for approval by the Local PTA board
  • Identify needs and goals – survey parents and staff for needs and goals that further PTA mission/purposes
  • Explore the possibilities and define the scope of your program – consider available resources; single event or year round; community program
  • Determine how to deliver the program – buy in from membership, concurrent student program, incentives, food, babysitting, collaboration with another PTA or school group, date/time and location
  • Create a budget for your program – donations, free services in community, food, decorations, custodian, presenter fees, photocopies, prizes, supplies
  • Decide how to distribute the work – committee, volunteers, faculty and students
  • Confirm support and resources – confirm (and later reconfirm) all details with all involved: date location, equipment, expectations
  • Get the word out – at least six weeks before program an at least three times; invite other PTAs/community groups; fliers in library/grocery store/bank; use phone tree service, email, marquee, community association newsletters, community newspaper, etc.
  • Deliver the program welcome participants and thank them for coming; give out evaluation forms, survey and/or flier for future programs thank all who helped/contributed
  • Evaluate the program and follow up – revisit goals, note successes/challenges, publicize results of program; make recommendations to board for further action
  • Advocate for PTA positions and current legislation
  • Review and become familiar with bylaws and standing rules of the PTA
  • Attend Texas PTA Leader Orientation
  • Take advantage of training from Council, Texas and National PTA
  • Become familiar with the National and Texas PTA resources


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