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Arts in Education

Sylvia R. Reyna, Ph.D.
Vice President Programs and Resources


Dear Arts in Education Leader,

I want to thank you for serving your PTA. Arts in Education is an important component of a quality education and it’s crucial students have plenty of ART-portunities in their schools. By ensuring art remains an important aspect of PTA, your position as an Arts in Education leader is greatly appreciated by parents, teachers, students and the CommYOUnity. You have a great network of people to help you along the way. If you have any questions throughout the year or have a success story to share, email me HERE.

Who is the PTA Arts in Education Chair?

The Arts in Education Chair promotes artistic involvement within the PTA and bring the arts to the children at your school. Organize and facilitate participation in Texas PTA artistic programs such as Reflections.

Responsibilities of the Arts in Education Chair:

  • Maintain a procedure book (traditional or electronic)
  • Complete a Plan of Work for the work of your committee. This alerts your Local PTA board of the committee as well as the dates, and resources to reach those goals.
  • Form a Committee
  • Meet as a committee and set goals for the year
  • Promote the Reflections program
  • Download any Reflections forms, rules or guidelines
  • Ensure your PTA attains Active Status* with Texas PTA by October 31 each year to be eligible for state-level Reflections judging.
  • Use the fine arts in developing monthly PTA programs
  • Promote cultural events in the community and surrounding areas
  • Read The Voice and subscribe to The Review quarterly newsletter

*Each membership year, Local PTAs must meet both of the following requirements to attain Active Status with Texas PTA. The membership year begins on August 1.

  1. Remit to Texas PTA state/national membership dues for at least 20 members.
  2. Submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) of at least one current board member, preferably the President.

View the BASICS:

Arts in Education Webinar
Local PTA Reflections Webinar

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