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Legislative Action

Sheri Doss



Dear Legislative Action Chair,

A reason PTA stands out above other associations is our efforts to advocate for children. Being elected the Legislative Action Chair is a great opportunity for you to get involved in legislation that affects our state’s schools. By keeping an eye on Texas PTA’s legislative positions, you have the responsibility of keeping your PTA informed of what laws are being set in place. The Legislative Action Chair also stays informed with occurrences in their CommYOUnity. If you have any questions throughout the year or have a success story to share, email me HERE.



Who is the Legislative Action Chair?

Legislative Action Chair will determine the legislative goals to be achieved as well as communicating and sharing important information with the Legislative Action Committee and the PTA members.

Duties at a Glance:

  • Determine local issues and needs through PTA websites, local and national media, school district policies, school board meeting topics, and member surveys.
  • Provide executive board and membership with legislative updates.
  • Share action alerts with membership and encourage participation.
  • Complete a Plan of Work for the work of your committee. This alerts your Local PTA board of the committee as well as the dates, and resources to reach those goals.
  • Develop and implement an advocacy project.
  • Promote and participate in Texas PTA’s biannual legislative PTA Day at the Capitol. Rally Day!
  • Participate in Council and Texas PTA committees and/or subcommittees.
  • Apply for the Texas PTA Legislative Action Award.
  • Advocate for PTA positions and current legislation.

View the BASICS:

Legislative Action Training Webinar

Legislative Action Resource Guide

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