diverse group behind child photo

The Inclusiveness Committee of the Texas PTA Board of Directors has the following mission:  "To continually be a voice for all children by reflecting diversity and being inclusive in our membership, leadership, program content, advocacy, training, partnerships and communications."  

The committee has a broad mandate and is working with unbridled enthusiasm to achieve its goals.  Among other objectives, the committee will spearhead efforts to have key PTA resources available in languages in addition to English and will work closely with other Texas PTA committees to increase the diversity of our overall membership.

During the 2010-2011 PTA year, the Texas PTA Inclusiveness Committee requested feedback in a survey of local PTA leadership regarding specific demographic representation in their respective PTA membership ranks.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. Some of the areas included in the survey are:  race/ethnicity, age, gender, home language, active military, parental status, education, and work experience. 

Our goal is to have every local PTA membership and board reflect the demographic make-up of the surrounding community.    The survey data that we gathered indicate that there is a gap for a significant number of our PTAs between the demographics of their membership and/or leadership and the community.  With these datapoints, we now have a solid baseline that we can use to measure the results of our future efforts to diversify our membership and leadership going forward.  

Sources of Diversity

Age Ethnicity Education
Family Health Family History Family Size
Gender Geographic Location Home Language
Income Level Marital Status Military Experience
Parental Status Physical Ability Race
Religion Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Gender Expression Work Experience