Student Membership

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Any PTA may have student members.  PTSAs are usually organized at the high school level and may have students serving on the board.   PTSAs ensure that all students are represented.  You might say, PTSA is for all students.  PTSAs can help promote all extra-curricular groups and ensure that families, educators, students and the community have a way to come together. 

Student Membership
Students my join any Texas PTA or PTSA. PTSAs provide student members with the vehicle to make a difference.  Students offer significant insight into the issues facing today’s teen.  In turn, adult members gain a new perspective for program development as well as a better understanding of the youth today.

Through PTSA membership and participation, students learn about advocacy, develop public speaking and leadership skills, observe parliamentary procedure, improve their self esteem and contribute to their school and community.

Membership provides the opportunity to express opinions about the needs of the school and community and to help select and plan programs.  Students can receive volunteer hours and give back to their community.  Membership and involvement can enhance students’ college applications. 

When all ages work together for a common goal, it adds value to family life, school district and, ultimately, the entire community.  

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Student Leadership Development
Many board, chair or committee positions provide leadership opportunities for students that will be beneficial when applying for college and employment, as well as building the ethic for volunteering and giving back to the community.   These positions will develop skills, such as participating and leading a meeting, using parliamentary procedure, and working with people.  Listed below are just a few possibilities.
Note:  Careful consideration should be given prior to election or appointment to positions requiring signing of contracts or checks or handling of funds.  Students’ skills, time availability and talents should be matched with appropriate positions.

Possible Positions:

  • Ambassador/Greeter – welcome attendees at meetings, ushering at events
  • Reflections Chair – coordinate Reflections program and committee, encourage student participation, recruit judges, obtain prizes and incentives from area businesses, coordinate awards ceremony
  • Box Top Coordinator – count, collect and coordinate shipping of box tops for fundraising
  • College Night Chair – coordinate promotion of event and invitation to college representatives and financial aid providers
  • Food, Clothes or School Supply Drive Chair – organize and coordinate a drive
  • Historian – capture and preserve the history of the association and the activities for the year
  • Membership Committee Member – develop a year-round membership recruiting plan, create promotional messages for announcements at school, recruit student members
  • Student Representative – represent a particular grade level or a leadership group within the school on the PTSA board
  • Webmaster – create and maintain PTSA website

For legal considerations, members under the age of 18 shall not serve as president, first vice president, secretary or treasurer;  serve as a signer on the bank account(s);  serve as the member appointed to open, review, initial and date the bank statements; and hold a majority of the offices.

Middle School PTA Membership


  • Membership Theme Poster for PTSA
  • NIDA Teen Advisory Group - NIDA has created many materials, including web sites, videos and fact sheets, targeting students and young adults with science-based facts and information about how drugs affect the brain and body to ensure that they are armed with better information to make healthy decisions. NIDA’s Teen Advisory Group is essential in ensuring that these materials are effective. NIDA requests feedback and input from the TAG on specific health education materials or programs in that are currently in development. The first Teen Advisory Group was successfully formed in 2009–2010; and we are now looking for teens to participate in the second group. Over the next year, the Teen Advisory Group will meet once a month for a one-hour discussion over the Internet, tentatively starting in March 2011. At the first meeting, the Teen Advisory Group members will be asked to provide feedback on new materials that are being developed for an ongoing initiative to educate teens about the effects of prescription drug abuse.
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  • Student/PTSA Brochure
  • Texas Online Schools

Texas PTA offers $1000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Texas who will be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university or a technical institute in the summer or fall semester immediately following his/her high school graduation. Funds for the scholarships come from gifts to the Texas PTA Endowment Fund. Texas PTA will provide funding each academic year for scholarships in an amount of 1000.00 each.  For more information, visit our scholarships page.

Texas PTA offers these scholarships to support students who are focused on achieving career goals through higher education. In evaluating each application, the scholarship committee will also consider service and participation in school activities, community involvement and scholastic merit.

Issues Affecting Students

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For additional information on student membership and PTSA, please contact Texas PTA Member Services 1-800-TALKPTA or