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2013-2014 Local PTA Awards

Texas PTA invites all PTAs to seek recognition for the amazing work that they undertake in their communities, and share their success matter how large or small! Let us hear how your PTA is the Talk of Texas

All applications must be submitted electronically via the Texas PTA website no later than May 15, 2014. PTAs are asked to create a review or portfolio of their efforts of the 2013-2014 school year for all awards (except Newsletter and Website). PTAs are encouraged to include a variety of information (articles, flyers, program materials, participant feedback, outcomes, photos, etc.) to help provide comprehensive overview of your programming.

This review or portfolio should be a single document in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. There is no limit on the length of the document. PTAs applying for recognition must be in good standing to be eligible.

Local PTA Awards Submission Form  Coming soon

Awarding the different levels of recognition is based on a point system. See below for areas of recognition and point distribution.

Arts in Education Student Programs (50%), Family Engagement (30%), Community Outreach (20%)
Environmental Awareness Raising Awareness (50%), Family Engagement (30%), Community Outreach (20%)
Healthy Lifestyles Raising Awareness (50%), Family Engagement (30%), Community Outreach (20%)
Legislative Action Raising Awareness (50%), Local Advocacy (30%), State and National Advocacy (20%)
Newsletter Quality Content (50%), Accessibility (30%), Effectiveness of Communication (20%)
Parent Education Programming Raising Awareness (50%), Educational Opportunities (30%), Relevance to Community (20%)
Website Quality Content (50%), Ease of Navigation (30%), Visual Appeal (20%)

Application coming soon!