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Virtual Meeting and Election Guidelines through July 31, 2021

Before scheduling a virtual meeting, determine what PTA business is required at this time. Elections may only be conducted via virtual meeting.

Like an in-person meeting, the virtual meeting should be for the purpose of making reports to the membership and conducting PTA business. It should include approval of prior meeting minutes, presenting financial, executive board, and committee reports, as well as voting on items such as budget amendments, approval of the 2020-2021 budget, and elections.

While the President is conducting the meeting, other Executive Board members should be prepared to do their part to protect the rights of members, capture voting, and keep the meeting running smoothly.

Getting Started

Meeting Script

To ensure that elections are carried out according to the Texas PTA COVID-19 procedures, use the virtual meeting script provided. The script includes all steps necessary to conduct a virtual meeting, promote transparency, and protect membership voting rights. The virtual meeting script is provided in two formats (script and table) within the document. Please use the one most convenient format for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the Virtual Meeting FAQs for answers to many of your questions.

Meeting Responsibilities (Before and During)

Executive Board

○ How will you secure your meeting to ensure only invited guests can join the virtual meeting?

○ How many days prior to the meeting will people be able to join the PTA, in order to vote on PTA business? Texas PTA requires people to join a minimum of 5 days prior to the meeting to allow the PTA time to verify membership of those registered.

○ How will candidates run from the floor? The PTA can choose to:

• Only accept notice of intent to run from the floor received at least 5 days prior to the meeting,
• Allow candidates wishing to run from the floor to state that intention in the meeting, or
• Both.

○ How will minutes from the last meeting be approved?

Create a registration system for attendees.

Before the meeting
• Research security features available in the platform to ensure only invited guests can join the virtual meeting.

During the meeting
• Monitor meeting security.

Create electronic ballots that allow for anonymous voting.
○ Serve as teller should there be a contested election. This includes emailing the ballot to members in attendance, opening and closing the form, monitoring voting time, and reporting the results.



Before the meeting

Beginning of the meeting

During the meeting


Appointed Executive Board Member

Membership VP/Chair


Nominating Committee Chair (if a nominating committee was elected and finished its work)

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