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To better position the association for the future, the Texas PTA Board of Directors unanimously voted to present a membership dues increase of $1.50 at the July 2022 Annual Meeting. If approved, this increase of the state portion of membership dues from $2.25 to $3.75 will take effect August 2023.

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 A dues increase will help Texas PTA continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service for Texas students. In carrying out its mission, Texas PTA wants to make the lives of our leaders easier. So, how exactly will an increase of Texas PTA’s DUES help?

Texas PTA will:

Strengthen investment in leaders

Texas PTA offers a variety of leader training courses, and we are committed to growing leaders, both personally and professionally. We will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service by expanding online training at zero cost to leaders.

Amplify our legislative voice 

Texas PTA champions public education. Now more than ever, public education is under attack which requires our advocates to have an even more thunderous voice. We will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service by increasing our impact through grassroots public testimony, developing advocacy-related events, and strengthening relationships with lawmakers. 

Broaden parent education and family engagement efforts 

Texas PTA offers parent education and family engagement programs, and we want to continue championing the student benefits of active and engaged families. We will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service by promoting and expanding family engagement efforts statewide and on campuses.

Reach more diverse communities

Texas PTA offers a number of training materials and programs in Spanish. We will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service by expanding our translation capabilities to empower all leaders to fully achieve our mission

Incorporate strategic technology initiatives

Texas PTA leaders benefit from technology advancements every day. We are committed to continuously making your jobs easier. We will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service by strategically utilizing innovative technologies that streamline the work of leaders.   


By investing in the future, Texas PTA will continue to Deliver Unbelievably Extraordinary Service and continue being the parent-teacher association of choice. 


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Texas PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.