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To better position the association for the future, the Texas PTA Board of Directors unanimously voted to present a membership dues increase of $1.50 at the July 2022 Annual Meeting. If approved, this increase of the state portion of membership dues from $2.25 to $3.75 will take effect August 2023.



Questions and Answers 

What is Texas PTA doing to raise funds in addition to dues?

Currently, Texas PTA has two tenants that rent part of our State Office building space. The association also constantly works to continue its history of having paid sponsors for events and more.

When was the last time Texas PTA raised membership dues?

Texas PTA has been fiscally responsible with our finances. The association has not increased dues since 2009, but would like to provide more support to make the job of our volunteers easier while providing more resources to our members.

Our school and/or PTA has limited resources. How can we be supportive of these campuses?

So often we see these campus parents consistently making PTA membership a priority, consistently increasing membership. If your campus struggles with the dues increase, Texas PTA and/or your councils can help brainstorm ways to seek possible sponsorship dollars to ensure inclusivity to all families. 

The proposal is a $1.50 increase. Why this amount and how does this compare to other state PTA's? 

Texas PTA has been diligent about seeking non-dues revenue and is fiscally responsible. With rising costs, Texas PTA strives to continue to provide the same caliber of service and add value to local and council PTA benefits.

Each state is unique, and in Texas it is important to the association that our members continue to receive a continuous increase in value.

The increase in dues makes Texas PTA membership costs comparable to the average costs of a state parent-teacher association. The increase allows Texas PTA to fulfill the obligation we have to our local and council PTAs.

With the increase, what does Texas PTA plan to do with the additional revenue and how will leaders and PTAs benefit?

Texas PTA plans to make online training a benefit of joining PTA rather than an additional cost, increase its current robust programs and advocacy efforts, have more leadership development opportunities, increase the amount of translated membership materials, and provide more scholarship and grant opportunities.

Is the dues increase intended to add new staff? Some states are all volunteer. How does Texas PTA staff impact our work?

Texas PTA currently has 12 staff members compared to 21 in 2006. As the second largest state PTA in the country, Texas PTA couldn't offer the services that we do to our members without staff. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure our PTAs have up-to-the-minute data, access to innovative and professional digital media, relevant and timely programs, grant opportunities, high quality training events, and leader resources, all while being available for questions Monday through Friday by email or by calling 1–800-TALK- PTA.

Why is this a good time to raise dues? 

Texas PTA understands how you are feeling and the extreme difficulties the pandemic has caused so many. The Texas PTA Board of Directors has also been forced to make complex decisions for the association in order to navigate these unprecedented times. The dues increase will not go into effect until August 2023.

Is there lead time for my PTA to adjust to the new dues amount? When will this go into effect?

Texas PTA understands that change takes time. While we are asking you to vote at our 2022 Annual Meeting, the change would not go into effect until August 2023. In the meantime, we will provide resources to assist you in navigating the change.

Why is your support so important?

Texas PTA has been fiscally responsible and is not in a dire situation. At the same time, the cost to provide additional support and training to volunteers has gone up. The Board of Directors wants to make the job of our volunteers easier, and operating at a dues amount set in 2009 makes it challenging to be more innovative and relevant to members. Texas PTA wants to be innovative, not stagnant.  

Why is it a good thing to support this dues increase?

The Texas PTA Board of Directors will continue to make fiscally responsible decisions. Approving less than the proposed amount will force us to make tough decisions and could inhibit growth of the association. We believe that if we are able to add support and work to increase relevance for members, those will make the job of a local PTA leader easier.

How will this increase sustain and amplify our future?

To underscore once again, Texas PTA is and has been fiscally responsible. As a result, we have not increased dues since 2009. With the full amount approved, the Board of Directors believes this will be adequate to move the association forward in the foreseeable future. The Board of Directors considered not only the amount needed to sustain current levels of support, but also to forecast future needs.


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