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Descriptions added June 7, 2019. View the PDF for a complete listing.

101 More Ways to Say Thank You
It takes a lot of people to make a successful PTA! How do we show our appreciation to all of the parents, teachers, staff, and community members who help make that happen? Super cute, fun, and easy ideas for creating an “attitude of gratitude” within your PTA Board.

A Talk with Our Past Texas PTA Presidents
Ever wondered what it takes to serve as PTA President for the great state of Texas? This seminar will give you the opportunity to hear from a panel of our past Texas PTA Presidents and ask questions about their experience leading one of the largest state PTAs in the nation!

ABC – It’s that Easy! Find What's for Dinner in Your Freezer!
It's five o'clock in the afternoon and you get that sinking feeling – what am I going to fix for dinner tonight? Your presenter has this process down to a science and can't wait to share her experience and ideas with you! Just learning the basics will save you time and money. With healthy, homemade meals prepared and in the freezer, you will enjoy time out of the kitchen and instead with your precious children!

Activate Your Soft Skill Superpowers
Did you know you're a PTA Superhero? During this workshop, we will activate your soft skill superpowers of communication, teamwork, and understanding the type of leader you are. Participants will be given strategies to improve their PTA Leadership skills in these areas and how to help other leaders on their board.

An App Which Rewards Users for Not Texting + Driving
SAFE 2 SAVE is the free rewards-based incentive app which gives users points for not using their phone while driving. Users can then redeem points for free items and discounts at popular restaurant chains and local eateries around town. S2S works to end distracted driving by positively changing behavior.

Are You a PTA Zookeeper?
A zoo has lots of different animals. As a PTA Leader, do you ever feel like you are managing a zoo? Conflicts, pettiness, and non-mission behavior just spoil the fun as a Leader. Using humor, this workshop will explore human interaction that can at times mirror zoo residents. But the trick for PTA Leaders is being a masterful zookeeper who turns not-so-pleasant behavior into a positive—or at least neutral—situation. Join us and leave prepared for a great school year where your members remember the mission and not a zoo.

BASICS Advocacy
Is your PTA a strong advocate for students in your community? Do you want to do more to educate, inform, and energize the parents and educators on your campus about important issues facing education at every level? Join this session to learn how the Legislative Action Chair can be effective within your PTA!

BASICS Arts in Education
Your PTA can support arts education in a variety of ways. From small volunteer programs to hosting performers, providing students on your campus access to the arts encourages creativity and innovation. Hear how you can bring the arts to your school!

BASICS Healthy Lifestyles
Is your PTA ready to make a difference in the lives of its students? Learn the ropes of the Healthy Lifestyles Chair! You’ll hear how to connect with experts in your community for valuable resources, how to interact with your Council PTA and ISD to achieve results, and how Texas PTA can support you throughout the year.

BASICS Membership
Learn the long-standing basics of PTA membership while also hearing important updates for 2019-2020. This workshop is a must for your PTA’s Membership Leader. We’ll cover the six Rs: recruit, record, report, remit, recognize, and retain!

BASICS Parliamentarian
Motions to amend and amendments to the motion … HELP! Parliamentary procedure doesn’t have to be overwhelming and can make a positive difference in your PTA. Get the tools you need to handle PTA business effectively and efficiently.

BASICS President
Being President is about leading others to become passionate about the mission and vision of PTA. Learn the tools you will need to develop relationships, manage volunteers, and create a successful, efficient PTA. Bring your Local PTA bylaws for reference.

BASICS Programs
Relevant and effective programming is a cornerstone of a strong, healthy PTA. Come hear how Parent Education and Programs Chairs have a wide variety or resources to assist them in developing their programming year and learn the ins-and-outs of making this position successful!

BASICS Secretary
The secretary position has wide-ranging responsibilities requiring much more than simply being present at all board meetings. Secretaries should play an active role in communicating proper notice of any meetings and the distribution of necessary materials, such as agendas and minutes. Learn the tools of the trade to protect your PTA with accurate and comprehensive meeting records.

BASICS Treasurer
The treasurer is critical in realizing the goals of any organization and PTA has the information and resources you need to be confident and successful! From writing checks to making deposits and beyond, learn the ins-and-outs of being a PTA Treasurer.

Be a VIP (Very Inspiring Parent) and Make Change Happen in Your School
Learn how you and your PTA can ensure kids are healthy, active, and ready to learn. We'll share tips and information on how nutrition and physical activity truly help students be more successful academically. We'll show you ways to promote more recess, ideas for non-food fundraising, ways to improve school meals, and more! Whether you have a Healthy Lifestyles program or you just want to incorporate more focus on the Whole Child, this session is for you!

Behind the Curtain - Secrets of Successful School Assembly Programs
School assembly shows are a great way to reward and motivate your students. James Munton has entertained over a million children at schools throughout Texas. He'll show you where to find the best school performers and how to book them. And he’ll provide a fabulous checklist so you don’t miss anything. James will also share the secrets of obtaining big discounts!

Being Organized Among the Chaos
As we encourage our children to be productive, it helps if we are, too! Hear some organizational tips and creative solutions – ways to tackle those growing piles. Being organized is the BEST tool for a stress-free life! Let’s keep on top of our piles while putting the most important thing on our list first … our family.

Boundaries Without Blame
Every day, people make decisions based on their perceived necessary choices – not the actual available choices, especially in tough situations. This session will help you expand your available choices so you gain respect while respecting others and avoiding blame. When you do, others hold you in high esteem.

Building a Sense of Community Through Your Social Media Presence
Engage your community through your social media presence. Learn how to engage families, showcase volunteers, and encourage parents to join your PTA by telling your story with videos in action! You will walk away feeling excited, inspired, and motivated!

But How Do We Pay for That
From recess equipment to nutrition signage, there are many opportunities to find funds for healthy school initiatives. We will review what kind of grants are available, who can apply, and how to write for those funds. It’s sometimes easier than you think!

CPR for Keeping Your Leadership Alive
We’ll focus on three important issues in leadership that are important when assessing your future as a leader. Commitment, Policy, and Respect should be at the forefront of a leader’s self-assessment each year and should be a continuous model for growth in one’s leadership abilities.
Creating a Culture of Health in Schools Learn about the importance of health programs and their benefits extending from the child into the community. IT’S TIME TEXAS wants to help support your school district or school bring free health-centered programs, initiatives, and resources to create a culture of health as the norm for students, educators, and families.

Creating a Strong Vision and Building a Winning Culture
Learn strategies to create a strong vision and a culture for your PTA. Which will create an environment of safety, belonging, and connection and lead to better engagement and recruiting.

Creating Brave Spaces – The Rise in Hate and What to Do About It
This presentation will provide an opportunity for participants to examine the escalating nature of hate and to consider the difficulty of stopping the progression once it begins. Additionally, participants will be introduced to terms and programs to help create spaces of inclusivity and acceptance.

Digital Health & Safety: How to Keep Our Kids & Schools Safe in This Digital World
Kids ages 8-18 are spending an average of 7.5 hours a day in front of screens. With the ever-changing nature of technology and social media, parents and educators will learn what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next when it comes to helping our kids stay safe in this digital world.

Does It Really Matter? Yes! It’s the Little Things That Count!
Turn simple disciplines into success and happiness in your life! Remember the difference between success and failure is so small, that most people miss it. How to do the simple things that will make the biggest difference in your life and the life of your entire family! Remember, difficulties in life take a little time to figure out; impossible situations just take a little longer.

Dollars and Sense
Help make sense of all things financial. Both Presidents and Treasurers will benefit from hearing answers to common financial questions that have been asked over the years. Learn where to go when you have a question and what you need to ask to receive the most useful information.

Don't Run … Tip Toe In!
Have you heard about Healthy Lifestyles but you’re not sure what it really is? Have you thought about doing it but you don’t have a chair? This session will help your PTA successfully tip-toe into Healthy Lifestyles. From a Treasurer hosting a health fair to simply promoting a healthy snack challenge, learn more about how Healthy Lifestyles can be a part of your PTA.

Duke University Talent Identification Program
Come learn about the many educational programs, opportunities, and resources that Duke TIP has to offer academically gifted youth, their parents, and educators. Duke TIP helps supplement schools’ educational offerings for the highly advanced through talent searches, summer programs, courses, curriculum planning, and research. There is something for everyone!

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes: An Anti-Bullying/Pro-Kindness Workshop for Educators, Students, and Their Parents
This presentation takes a closer look at one of the buzzwords of this generation. Through defining behaviors, we reevaluate what the word “bullying” has come to mean to our students and their parents. By showing examples of kindness every day we can hope to empower the students to make behavior changes to create a safer and softer campus environment.

How Boys and Girls Bully Differently, and What We Need to Know
This presentation will help parents, volunteers, and educators understand how boys and girls
bully differently. We will list and demonstrate how the bullying is different, things we should look out for, and ways to prevent bullying. It will also provide solutions for parents to share with both boys and girls if they are bullied or see bullying in action. Following the presentation, attendees will understand how it is different, what to look for, and when to take action in bullying situations.

I Shine, You Shine: A Community Approach to Kindness
House of Shine believes each of us is born with a unique set of talents and gifts, our SHINE. Come learn about the initiatives we offer and a practical model of implementation for schools, PTAs, and towns/cities to collectively unearth the SHINE within their school community.

Including Disabilities and Gifted Needs in PTA: SAGE Strategies for Success
SAGE (Special and Gifted Education) leaders in multiple districts have successfully worked to include special needs in PTA, including gifted needs. Could your campus or Council benefit from SAGE? How can SAGE improve parent/educator partnerships and student services? SAGE includes differences in the PTA voice. We are here to help!

Is Your PTA a Square?
All PTAs have a personality and a certain reputation. PTAs might be a square, triangle, or circle. Each shape brings opportunities and potential challenges. This workshop will explore the characteristics of each shape with an interactive discussion on how to maximize the benefits of each one while minimizing the least favorable attributes. Join this fun session to let your leadership “shape up” for spectacular PTA-ing in a new school year

Kids First: My Unique Abilities
Recognizing that people with special needs have limits on daily life activities—like caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, learning, and working—allows us to be sensitive to their needs. As members of the community, children and adults need to understand that people with special needs come from diverse backgrounds, including males and females of all ages, religions, races, and national origin, and that their disabilities can have a wide range of impact on their daily lives.

Mission-Based Leadership
This presentation will focus on practices great leaders use to make their organizations effective, efficient, and dynamic. Mission-based leaders excel at creating buy-in, reducing and eliminating conflict, and getting results. During this session, you will learn concepts and practice skills to enhance your leadership skills.

Outreach Activities for Special Education Families
Transform activities in order to include special education students and families, providing practice for the students social, math, science, and teamwork skills.

Parent Education on School Safety in Texas
Find out what the law requires of your school, including updates from the 2019 legislative session and what you need to know in case of an emergency.

Passion for the Purposes
Inspired by Past Texas PTA President Karen Slay's passion for the purposes of PTA, we will take her guiding principles combined with Simon Sinek’s discussion on the power of “Why” to develop empowered storytellers. This will help attract members and volunteers to our Local PTAs and beyond!

People, We Have a Problem?
Whether you are working with fellow volunteers, advocating for your child at school, or just dealing with your family, we encounter “problems” on an almost daily basis. Communication skills can avoid escalation and resolve issues before they become major, and sometimes we need conflict resolution strategies, as well.

Rap the Gavel! : A Look Back at the 86th Legislative Session
School finance, school safety, STAAR, tobacco prevention, and even some good ol’ fashioned politics – this past session had it all! Join Texas PTA President-Elect Suzi Kennon and Arnold Public Affairs to recap the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of what was truly a roller coaster in the 86th legislative session.

Ready, Set, Bid: Creating an Awesome Online Auction
Is your PTA experiencing a decrease in available volunteers, fewer fundraising opportunities, and higher donor fatigue? The solution could be as simple as Ready, Set, Bid! Learn more about how to transition your silent auction to an online format, build in inclusive fundraising practices, and raise MORE while requiring less of your volunteers.

Rock the Talk – Why, When, and How to Talk to Your Child About Sex
Children will learn about sex but the question is where? This inspiring and practical session will equip parents to be the primary sex educator of their children and to do so with confidence! The session presents helpful information and family values to be shared from Pre-Kindergarten through the teen years

SPOTLIGHTS Bylaws & Standing Rules
Did you know there is a new bylaws template for your PTA? Learn how your bylaws and standing rules can be an asset, rather than an obstacle! Review the steps to updating these documents, learn about the new Local and Council PTA Bylaws Templates, and gain an understanding of the approval process.

Stairs That Lead Nowhere
In each of our lives, we are faced with what we perceive as "Stairs That Lead Nowhere". And in many aspects of our lives, we choose to NOT take the stairs that lead nowhere because we fail to see or recognize the potential that could await us at the summit. Attendees will be challenged with how to manage expectations when faced with a prospect of potential failure or significant success.

Stress in PTA? But It's supposed to Be Fun!
Are you experiencing on the job stress? Learn to combat the 16 irrational thoughts that might be contributing to your stress, adopt the 10 Commandments for Mental Health, and explore other strategies to de-stress.

Supporting Our Students by Engaging the Whole Family
Many times it is difficult to get the whole family involved when everyone is so busy. Two years ago, Cox PTA in Wylie ISD started down this road. This presentation will focus on the steps we took to engage the family, what we did to build our membership, the programming that took place, and what we did to get the students involved!

Taking a Stand Against Bullying
Sticks and stones … and names all hurt! Bullying is a major challenge on elementary and secondary campuses. Bullying negatively impacts the physical, emotional, and social health of all those involved. This informative and inspirational session explores the causes of bullying and identifies effective intervention and creative prevention strategies for parents and schools.

Tell Me a Story: Using Storytelling to Command Attention and Make an Impact
Whether speaking to lawmakers, reporters, or members of the general public, it is critical to understand audience needs and perceptions, and then clearly define and articulate your story for them. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the ability to knit together a good story. This session will focus on helping you build the skills needed to effectively and confidently communicate using the power of storytelling.

The Art of Delegating
A common leadership challenge is empowering teams to function at a higher level with quality results. Build confidence in shifting duties to other leaders and lean on those who have the time and talent to make it happen. Join this interactive session to discover the art of delegating!

The Magic of an Opportunity Mindset
if you are ready to stop the negativity, this workshop is for you! You will be empowered to lead with confidence and clarity using the presenter's positivity principles. You will learn how to reframe any negative and turn it into positive momentum for your team.

Transformative Family Engagement
This presentation is a collaboration between National PTA with the Center for Family Engagement to share a new way to connect with our communities. The training will discuss examples, resources, and tools to help our Leaders connect in a different way with more of our families. TFE is a great way to enhance your relationship between your members, community, and staff. Let’s share and get our families engaged!

True Colors
Orange, gold, green, or blue? How do these colors relate to your life, habits, values, and feelings? Experience an exciting, interactive adventure into your personality while learning how to enhance relationships and bring out the best in each other! The material in this workshop promotes responsibility, respect, communication, and more. It can be applied to all aspects of your personal and professional life, allowing you to live and work with others in a more harmonious and productive environment.

Under the Hood of College Applications: The Nuts & Bolts of What Students Need to Do and How You Can Help
A close look at the key items a student needs to complete for college applications with an outline of how to get everything done.

What Every Parent Should Know
Those who seek to exploit children and teens are very deliberate and strategic in their grooming process. This presentation pulls back the curtains to give parents the early warning red flags of such potential abuse. Knowing what actions, behaviors, gifts, and more to look for are essential keys to prevention. Knowing what to say to your children and teens to prepare them for such scenarios is even more critical.

What’s in Your School’s Student Success Toolkit?
Caroline Crawford, MSW, of GIRLS Empowerment Network presents new activities and strategies for supporting positive, pro-social behavior in girls and boys. An expert on confidence building for all youth, Crawford explains how the “6 C’s” — Confidence, Coping Skills, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity — helps students believe in their power and ability to learn.

Why Does Your PTA Need Insurance?
Your event is decorated, everyone has arrived, the fundraiser is making money, everyone is happy. But then someone gets hurt and you realize that you forgot to purchase insurance … now what? What if you discover some of the fundraising money was stolen? Come to this learning workshop to find out how to protect yourself and your PTA.

Yes, You Can! (Elementary)
This presentation is an educational and motivational program created by Lloyd Bachrach, who — although physically challenged — has never let anything slow him down. His candid and compelling story reaches the hearts and minds of all audience members. The Yes, You Can! message provides the audience with 5 keys to success: 1) Build high self-esteem 2) Focus with a positive attitude 3) Set Goals 4) Persevere 5) Maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. These keys help students to succeed and realize their full potential.

Yes, You Can! (Intermediate)
This presentation is an educational and motivational program created by Lloyd Bachrach, who — although physically challenged — has never let anything slow him down. His candid and compelling story reaches the hearts and minds of all audience members. The Yes, You Can! message provides the audience with 5 keys to success: 1) Build high self-esteem 2) Focus with a positive attitude 3) Set Goals 4) Persevere 5) Maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. These keys help students to succeed and realize their full potential.

Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM): A Universal Mental Health Promotion Program to Prevent Suicide
The Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) program is a universal mental health promotion program that has demonstrated strong impact on youth suicide and depression (Wasserman, 2015). Because YAM was developed for European students, the program was modified and evaluated for U.S. high school students.