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Candidates Respond to Public Education

Back in early September, Texas PTA extended an invitation to each Texas candidate for the U.S. Senate to share their stance on public education in a short video. The candidates were asked to respond to four questions (listed below). To best serve our association in an election year, Texas PTA is sharing those results with our membership and wider community.

1. Why are public schools important to this country?

2. What is your position on the use of public funds to pay for students to attend private schools?

3. What do you propose as a solution to balance the needs of parents and students who fear in-school learning due to the pandemic with those who believe students need to be physically back in school immediately?

4. Describe what you will do if elected or re-elected that will clearly demonstrate your unquestionable commitment to public schools. 

Sen. John Cornyn  

Click photo to watch Sen. Cornyn's response to Texas PTA's questions.

  Learn more about Sen. Cornyn's stance on education here.

MJ Hegar  

MJ Hegar was unable to meet our request for a video responding to Texas PTA's questions. 

  Learn more about MJ Hegar's stance on education here.