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back the future

With advocacy at our core, we are committed to building education and taking a comprehensive approach to community success.

With back-to-school upon us, the door is reopened for conversations about what PTA stands for and how families, teachers, students and others can be involved. It’s an exciting time, and we are taking the opportunity to rally the community with a brand-new campaign.

We know that PTA builds community by building education and taking a comprehensive approach to community success. And we know there is no commYOUnity without YOU – our members, our communities, our untapped audiences.

We will make this time of year about more than new backpacks and new classrooms, rather by inspiring and inviting community members and leaders to back the future.

Texas PTA is inviting not only families, teachers and students, but community members of all walks of life to “back the future” by becoming a PTA member and joining in the celebration of the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

A series of back the future Days will take place at Texas schools – hosted on the first day of school, when excitement is high and families are present, to celebrate education, involve the community and inspire membership and participation. Every school is encouraged to host an event of their own design, and every community member is invited: how will you back the future?

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Thanks to our partners for backing the future with us!

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