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The Texas PTA Story

More than a hundred years ago, two brave women dreamed of a better future for their children. Ella Caruthers Porter, a single mom living near Waco, and Willa S Benton, a Fort Worth teacher and mom, set out on a mission to ensure every child had the opportunity to realize their potential.

Both recognized that the bond of motherhood could improve student success and therefore build better communities, and a better future for all of Texas. Despite overwhelming societal challenges of the early 1900’s, Willa and Ella set their sights on engaging families to reform our disorganized and lackluster public education system.

We have been working to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children for the last 113 years. 

Today, our momentum is stronger than ever!

☆  Nearly 500,000 members

☆  More than 10,000 volunteer leaders

☆  Over 2,200 school PTAs

☆  Second largest state PTA in the nation


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