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The Voice of Membership

Our nearly 500,000 leaders and members drive Texas PTA’s legislative work by establishing legislative resolutions and positions giving the Texas PTA Board of Directors authority to act on their behalf. That is only the beginning!

Identifying the Legislative Priorities

The grassroots approach begins with members adopting comprehensive legislative resolutions and positions at the annual meeting, thereby giving the Board of Directors the authority to act effectively on behalf of our members. 

Using Texas PTA’s resolutions and positions, in addition to National PTA’s resolutions and positions statements, as a framework, the Texas PTA Advocacy Committee hosts stakeholder listening sessions and conducts a member advocacy survey to develop specific and timely priorities in the months leading up to each legislative session. The committee assimilates the abundance of feedback and proposes official priorities to the Texas PTA Board of Directors for final review, revision, and approval.

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Each legislative session, the resolutions, positions and priorities guide Texas PTA leaders as they support bills, testify, and build alliances to advance the vision that every child’s potential is a reality.

Legislative Events

Rally Day is a signature event for PTAs across Texas when legislators are in session (odd numbered years). Students, parents and educators attend informative caucuses, rally on the Capitol steps and visit with legislators with one goal in mind - to ensure every child’s potential is a reality!

Straight Talk is another signature event for Texas PTA maintains our focus and influence when legislators are not in session, but surely listening. Students, parents and educators take this opportunity to expand their knowledge in specific areas of concern.

Texas PTA's Rich History of Advocacy

As far back as 1909, founder Ella Caruthers Porter was advocating to ensure every child’s potential was a reality. In those early days, the most pressing issues facing children and education were the need for free textbooks, teacher retirement funds, improved school facilities, sanitary drinking cups, and kindergarten. Texans were quick to add their voice to these causes and in just one year 150 urban and rural schools established a PTA. The power of the parent-teacher partnership had begun in Texas! 

Mrs. Porter’s influence was said to have been “felt from the schoolhouse to the state house.” Texas PTA is proud to carry on that legacy! We are proud of our monumental legislative successes.

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If you are not already a member, add your voice to our cause. Join PTA TODAY!