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Advocacy is at the core of the PTA mission to make every child's potential a reality. While state and federal advocacy efforts garner much attention, so often the most meaningful advocacy happens in small and large PTA communities all around Texas.


Texas PTA is proud to provide these great resources to PTA leaders.

  1. Register as a PTA Leader
  2. Advocacy Chair Training & Resources Webpage
  3. Advocacy Online Training
  4. Advocacy Quick Start Guide
  5. Advocacy Resource Guide
  6. Register for Under the Dome Newsletter
  7. Share Your Advocacy Story
  8. Apply for the Advocacy Impact Award

Additionally, the Advocacy Toolkit provides topic-specific resources to assist you in advocacy efforts in your Community.


Candidate or Issue Forum

Candidate or issues forums are a great way to engage your communities in advocacy and to provide information needed to make informed and responsible choices when voting. The following documents are designed to assist your PTA in planning and conducting both types of forums. All sample documents should be edited to fit the needs of your school or district.



Bond Resolution and Motion Templates

PTAs may choose to conduct a formal vote to officially support a district bond. When considering such an action, the following templates can be used within the formal process.

Mentor a Decision Maker

Building a relationship with your city, school district, or state representative is essential to effective advocacy. The Mentor A Decision Maker program will guide you in building these relationships with your decision makers. This is an especially great program to implement between legislative sessions.