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PTA Votes.

Those elected to govern impact all aspects of public education.

PTA Votes. ensures that the voices of Texas students are heard, and that the state’s education system is given needed support to help make every child’s potential a reality. PTA Votes. aims to provide unbiased information so Texas voters can make informed decisions and support leaders who champion public education. 

Voting Resources 

Become informed before heading to the polls. 

Support PTAVotes.

Texas voters will determine the future of our country. Want to do your part? Help us encourage Texans to learn more about the importance of voting and the issues that affect schools and students by speaking out and using the hashtag #PTAVotes on social media.

Access our online toolkit.


PTAVotes. is a non-partisan campaign presented by Texas PTA.


Texas PTA, established in 1909, is the largest child advocacy grassroots association in Texas for parents, teachers, and others who have a special interest in children, youth, families, and schools. Texas PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan association that does not endorse any candidate or political party. Through Texas PTA, volunteer leaders are trained to be successful advocates with thunderous voices to state officials and Texas residents in support of the development and achievement of all students.