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Our volunteers work tirelessly to help establish strong family-school partnerships in their community. They provide millions of service hours through mentoring and classroom support. PTA volunteers in Texas have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure that quality programs remain strong for every generation.

These efforts are commended through recognizable awards. Whether it is the volunteer or the Council or Local PTA they represent, Texas PTA wants to congratulate everyone who is working to back the future of our children.

President's Challenge: A Return to Fundamentals

Local PTAs that meet all of the following criteria will qualify for the 2021-2022 President’s Challenge. PTAs will be required to submit a form with their principal’s signature. Deadline: February 28, 2022.

1. Meet with campus principal to set common goals.
2. Participate in the back the future campaign.
3. Host a family engagement program.
4. Have a membership increase.

Track your PTA's progress (including Path to Good Standing) through the Local PTA Roster. 

Notify us that your PTA has earned the President’s Challenge Award here.

Available Awards

Available Grants

Natural Disaster Relief Fund

In its desire to help PTAs that have suffered economic hardship due to a natural disaster, Texas PTA established the Texas PTA Natural Disaster Relief Fund. This fund is used to provide assistance grants for Local and Council PTAs in Texas that are recovering from the effects of a recent natural disaster. Financial aid is provided only to PTAs as prescribed in these procedures and dependent on the needs reflected on the Texas PTA Natural Disaster Relief Grant Application.

Emergency Needs Relief Fund

Texas PTA established the Texas PTA Emergency Relief Fund in 1995. This fund is used to provide emergency assistance grants for victims of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, catastrophic illness and accidents. Financial aid is provided only to the truly needy and is consistent with the need.

Texas Clean School Bus Grant

Texas PTA has partnered for several years with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and with the Railroad Commission of Texas, the state’s chief energy agency, to improve air quality for Texas youth by directing state and federal funds to school districts to retrofit older diesel school bus engines and to help districts purchase alternative fuel buses.