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At the annual meeing on July 21, 2023, delgates approved a motion to amend the Texas PTA bylaws and change state membership dues to $2.75 effective 
August 1, 2024.


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More Information

Texas PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. To more fully realize that mission and provide the tools and support necessary to strengthen PTA leaders, the Texas PTA Board of Directors proposed a dues change — the first since 2009, 14 years ago. With an eye toward the future, we believe this change will allow us to pave the road forward for our 5.4 million Texas children and families, and empower our incredible volunteers to do what they do best. 

Texas PTA leaders have identified the following areas of strategic improvement that could be possible with a dues change*: 


*These items represent a sampling of possible improvements with the change in dues. Further discussion and decisions by the board of directors will occur contingent upon available funding.



Paving the Road Forward One-Pager 
May 15

Video presentation of dues proposal on April 28

Video announcement by PTA President Suzi Kennon on January 27

Explainer: What Will Be Done with Additional Dues

Explainer: Volunteer Recognition and Programs

Explainer: Extra Credit and Full Circle Leadership Training

Explainer: Specialized Support and State-Level Advocacy


Explainer: Member Perks


Explainer: Local Leader Support and Training

Explainer: Financial Information



Voting Information

Texas PTA leaders and members who were eligible had an opportunity to vote by ballot on the proposed dues change at the Third General Session of our LAUNCH conference on July 22, 2023.