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Bylaws outline how a PTA functions, define its primary characteristics and include all the governing details considered important to the rights and responsibilities of members.

As the chartering association, Texas PTA provides a template that includes both required and optional language. The required language cannot be changed by the Local PTA, and member approval is not necessary for any changes authorized by the Texas PTA Board of Directors. PTAs should request a copy of their bylaws from Texas PTA after August 1 each year to ensure access to the most current required language.

The optional language must be approved by the members of a Local PTA with a 2/3 vote. Changes to optional language (including local dues) are not effective until your PTA receives a date-stamped copy signed by the Texas PTA President.

To maintain Good Standing with Texas PTA, all Local PTAs must update or amend their bylaws and standing rules (if applicable) to Texas PTA at least once every three years.

Updating or Amending Bylaws

1. Request a copy of your bylaws from Texas PTA. 
2. Texas PTA will provide the most current bylaws, standing rules (if applicable) and a Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet.
3Appoint a review committee to consider possible changes.

a. Use the Bylaws Snapshot Worksheet as a guide to review your PTA’s current optional language and recommend any needed changes.

b. If no changes are recommended, move to step 5.

c. If changes are proposed, call a meeting of the membership (with 30-days’ notice) to approve.

d. Record the exact wording of the amendments and voting results in the meeting minutes.

4. Prepare submission for Texas PTA.

a. Avoid common mistakes that delay the approval process by reading the Bylaws Checklist, Sample Standing Rules, and Standing Rules Checklist.

b. Obtain a digital copy of the membership meeting minutes where the amendments were approved.

5. Submit your bylaws to Texas PTA for approval.

a. For updated bylaws (no amendments), select the “requires no changes” option.

b. If standing rules are also submitted, the format must be Microsoft Word.


Download the template changes effective August 1, 2018   English | Spanish

View the SPOTLIGHTS Bylaws and Standing Rules webinar.