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A successful election is important to a smooth transition for a PTA from year to year. All members are invited and encouraged to get involved in this important process. Nominating Committees are elected by the membership, never "formed" or appointed.

Electing the Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Duties

  1. Select a Chair: A chair is selected by the committee.
  2. Nominating Committee Meeting: The meeting may be conducted if a majority of the committee is present. (If a committee member cannot attend the meeting, notify the alternate. In the event that another committee meeting is called, that alternate member will continue to serve on the committee and the original member does not return)
  3. Responsibilities of Committee: Treat all candidates in a fair and consistent manner and make all decisions by ballot or majority vote.

Board Candidate Qualifications

One nominee should be selected for each office. In the event the Nominating Committee cannot secure a nominee, nominations from the floor shall be called for at the election meeting.

Suggested Qualifications:

Conducting the Election Meeting and Writing the Report

  1. Prepare a written report; Have the chair and members who agree with the report sign off. (Only a member who does not sign the report can nominate from the floor)
  2. Make report public according to bylaws at least seven days before the election meeting. (Consider including information on the role of the nominating committee and that the nominating committee presents a slate of candidates that they feel are best qualified and that nominations from the floor will be accepted at the election meeting. The report is presented and accepted by the executive board)
  3. The chair reads report at election meeting then hands off the report to the president who will conduct the elections.
  4. The Nominating Committee is dissolved one the report is read.
  5. Pre-arrange for someone to “move” and “second” to destroy ballot votes if election is by ballot.

Download Nominating Committee Guidelines

Download the Election Guidelines and Election Meeting Script

Download the Texas PTA Leadership Competencies