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Connect with Texas PTA online by joining PT-Avenue, a cloud-based system designed to help PTA leaders manage their Local Unit. The Basic version is provided at no charge and has many functions that make managing Local PTAs much easier. PT-Avenue:

  1. is required to report Officer Information to Texas PTA.
  2. serves as a membership database where Local leaders can record and manage member information. 
  3. offers Local PTAs a way to report membership to Texas PTA.
  4. allows people to join Local PTAs online through Join

PT-Avenue can be translated into multiple languages through Google Translate. Each area of PT-Avenue includes helpful instructions and the HELP button contains a list of available resources. Each PTA leader can create unique login credentials to work in the account. 

Joining PT-Avenue is simple! Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Click the Board button on the Profile tab
  3. Follow instructions in “How to Add/Update Board Members”
  4. Click the ACH button on the Profile tab to activate and allow members to join online!

Feel like you need a little more instruction? No problem! We put together a video to help you get started. View "How to Activate PT-Avenue" below:

English-Language Leaders:

Spanish-Language Leaders: