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The 112th Annual Meeting of Texas PTA


Proposed Amendments

The proposed amendments can be downloaded here



  1. Badges are required for admittance to all meetings.
  2. During a counted vote, the doors will be closed. No one will be allowed to enter or leave the meeting until the chair announces the results of the vote.


  1. The president shall appoint a committee of the members to review the minutes of the annual meeting. The board of directors shall approve the annual meeting minutes.
  2. Editorial changes to motions, proposed bylaws amendments, or resolutions may be submitted to the secretary at Any such motions offered on the floor shall be ruled out of order by the president.
  3. The president shall determine and adjust the agenda as required for smooth operation of the assembly.
  4. The printed agenda is for guidance only and shall not be considered either general or special orders.
  5. All messages and announcements shall be given to a page. No message may be presented directly to the chair.
  6. All electronic devices shall be silenced during all meetings.
  7. Members are prohibited from recording or live streaming the meeting.


  1. Only voting delegates shall have the privilege of making motions, debating, and voting.
  2. Delegates wishing to speak shall go to the nearest appropriate microphone and present their voting badge to the microphone attendant
  3. All motions and amendments shall be presented in writing on forms obtained from microphone attendants. Forms must be completed, signed, and sent to the chair to receive consideration.
  4. Delegates may speak for two minutes at one time on the question under discussion and twice on the same question. No delegate may speak for a second time until all delegates wishing to speak a first time have had an opportunity to speak.
  5. Debate shall be limited to 15 minutes for each main motion and bylaw amendment.
  6. The clock will run uninterrupted unless ordered stopped by the chair.
  7. In order to extend debate time, a delegate must move to extend debate, which requires a second, is amendable, is not debatable, and requires a 2/3 vote.
  8. Votes may be taken by general consent, as determined by the president. Should an objection be made, the vote shall be taken by another method.