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Thank you for leading the Reflections program for the students in your community! 

Reflections is a rewarding experience for students, parents, and volunteers. Our goal is to support our Leaders in maximizing the positive impact on students while providing tools to help guide you through the program from start to finish.

Get started today!

⚠  Download the Local PTA Leader Checklist - This list is for school PTA Reflections Coordinators
⚠  Download the Council PTA Leader Checklist - This list is for district PTA Reflections Coordinators
⚠  Download "How to Host a Virtual Reflections Program"


Independent PTAs

If a Local PTA does not have a Council PTA, their entries will advance to Regional level and should be sent to the Texas PTA State Office by December 10. Contact Carrie Mays at if you fall under this category.

Local PTA/PTSA Eligibility

Any Local PTA/PTSA that attains Active Status no later than October 31 is eligible to sponsor Reflections on their campus. PTAs who are not in Good Standing may affect students’ eligibility to receive awards from Texas PTA.

Visit the Texas PTA Standards of Continuing Affiliation page for more information about Active Status and Good Standing.


Category Rules Individually

If you wish to download the category rules individually, they are linked below:
General Rules English | Spanish
Dance Choreography  English | Spanish
Film Production  English | Spanish
Literature  English | Spanish
Music Composition  English | Spanish
Photography  English | Spanish
Visual Arts  English | Spanish
Special Artist Rules  English | Spanish
Single Page Rules English | Spanish
Student Entry Form  English | Spanish

Reflections Program Timeline

Student Entry Deadline at the Local level: Local PTAs (individual schools) set their own due date to receive student entries. Most Local PTAs set their deadline near the end of October. Texas PTA encourages Local PTAs to contact their Council PTA or Regional Coordinator (if your Local PTA is not a member of a Council PTA) prior to determining the student entry deadline.

Advancing Entry Deadline at the Council/Regional level: Council PTAs and/or Regional Coordinators set their own due date to receive entries advancing from the Local PTAs. Due dates are typically set for late November or early December.

Advancing Entries to Texas PTA: Entries advancing to Texas PTA from the Council or Regional Coordinators must be received by 5:00 pm on January 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a federal holiday, the acceptance date will extend to the following business day.

Advancing Entries to National PTA: Texas PTA advances selected entries no later than March 1.

Lunch & Learn Trainings

Recorded Council Leader Idea Share 9/21/2023


Reflections Judging in Eight Easy Steps

Step One: Download the Reflections Leader Checklist Local PTA (School Level) | Council PTA (District Level)

Step Two: Identify and recruit Volunteers and judges to help you with your Reflections program. Remember that it's best to have judges who are not closely affiliated with your campus.

Step Three: Verify eligibility of all entries received, including National PTA arts category rules and Texas PTA membership requirements. It's important to be proactive in working with families to resolve any eligibility concerns prior to judging.  

Step Four: Host your Reflections judging. Before you begin, read through the Local-level Judging Guidelines and prepare your Scorecards. Discuss the Judging Rubric with your judges so they are aware that the highest judging criterion is interpretation of the theme. Council PTAs and Regional Coordinators should follow these Council-level Judging Guidelines.

Step Five: Download and complete the Advancing Entry Spreadsheet.

Step Six: Following judging, complete the appropriate participation summary for your judging level.
School PTAs: Local PTA Participation Summary 
District PTAs advancing to state-level: Council PTA/Regional Results Summary 

Step Seven:  Advance entries to next round of judging by the published deadline.

Step Eight: Celebrate your students and Volunteers!

  • A free downloadable Reflections Certificate is available to print and customize on your own! Click here to download.
  • Themed ribbons and certificates may be purchased through Shop PTA
  • As an alternative or an addition to traditional awards, you could also purchase themed t-shirts for your participating students, volunteers and/or judges to thank them for supporting PTA and the Reflections program!